Dylan and Vincent made a music visualizer called “Ice and Fire”. The first part of the song is mellower, like “ice”, and the second half is more intense, like “fire”. Vincent picked out the audio and edited the video, Dylan drew those sick dragons and I think more but honestly it’s midnight and I’m tired.

After some behind-the-scenes shake-ups, IMMovation 2 found itself with a group of 3 in Kyla, Amy, and Eli. They immediately made the connection to the phrase “two’s company, three’s a crowd” and made it their central theme. They connected that phrase to the game Among Us, with the idea of two crewmates and one imposter.

Kyla’s drawing is the purple one. Amy’s drawing is the orange one. Eli helped in the planning stages.

Meaghanne Bride and Haley Wright made sound collages based on piano playing and two people narrating the poem “Two Voices In A Cave”. Meaghanne and Haley used many of the same clips but in different ways. They asked their friends to record the voiceovers from the poem. The two people reading the poem was their interpretation of the “2” theme, as well as the poem title “Two Voices”.

The top mp3 is Meaghanne’s, the bottom mp3 is Haley’s.