We are students.

IMMovation started as a way for students who frequented an IMM lounge to get to know each other better by creating different projects in a game-jam like way. But now, IMMovation has turned into a major-wide event that invites all creatives to work together. Different than a game-jam, IMMovation focuses on pair work instead of group work and instead of games you can design anything.

supported by the imm department @ tcnj

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January 3-24


“IMM Podcast”: John Kuiphoff, Warren Buckleitner, and Dr. Teresa Nakra

John Kuiphoff, Warren Buckleitner, and Dr. Teresa Nakra, the three IMM professors who will be leading the charge on the Spring 2021 thesis classes, started a weekly podcast. You can watch it here.

“3D TCNJ”: Miles Cumiskey, Amy Vargas, and Jonathan DellaGatta

Miles, Amy, and Jonathan made voxel models of different parts of TCNJ’s campus in a free program called MagicaVoxel. Jonathan recreated the front of the biology building, Miles rebuilt the Roscoe statue outside of the AIMM building, and Amy mocked up everyone’s favorite, Roscoe’s Farm near Townhouses North. Trust me, you’ve seen it.   Miles […]

“Constellations”: Meaghanne McBride, Dylan Jonas and Eli Gemeinhardt

Meaghanne, Dylan, and Eli made an animated music video for a song they wrote called “Constellations”. Eli digitally painted all of the backgrounds, Dylan animated all of the characters, and Meaghanne composed the entire song. Rock out to it here!…ok maybe not that cause it’s not a rock song but you’ll still enjoy it

“Basilisks for Babies” – Nina Navazio, Anthony Barreto, and Mahjustice Murphy

Nina, Anthony, and Mahjustice made Basilisks for Babies, an interactive web tool for first-time Dungeons & Dragons players and dungeon masters. It provides automated pre-made characters, events, locations, items, and more to help lay foundation for a one-shot or even a campaign. Hop into the world of B&B here!

“Bright Red Pendant”: Thendral Prabu, Benjamin Spizuco, and Vincent Terraneo

Thendral, Ben, and Vincent made a Twine game about an adventurer who chases pirates in an effort to reclaim a magical pendant. The game is playable here.

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