Faith Christian & Priyanka Pai

We wrote a script about toxic relationships and friendships. “The Reality of Romance” is a story about harmful tropes that are viewed as romantic in the media, however, these main characters understand that these things are unacceptable and stand up for themselves against the toxic people they come across.


The Reality of Romance by Faith and Priyanka(See the PDF here)

Eli Gemeinhardt & Nelly Sanchez

We decided to create a pro designs on Animal Crossing. We both decided that the theme would be based off checkerboard patterns. Our designs vary but each have unique colors and patterns. We also uploaded them so that other’s could save the designs in case they wanted to wear them. Due to the other theme of light, Nelly thought it would be a good opportunity to shine light on recent events. 2 out of 3 designs Nelly created are in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. See the slide deck presentation here (including codes to get the designs in-game) . Here are  just two of the designs: 

Dylan Jonas & Mahjustice Murphy


We animated a small chase sequence. There would have been two characters, a human character and a monster creature. Dylan worked on the monster design/animation and Jus worked on the human designs. We took several photos of around our house to find a color palette that was used for the environment.

Meaghanne McBride & Ben Spizuco


We each made a collage-style sampling track using various recordings. We used audio from the movie “Emperor Tomato Ketchup,” a clip of a shamisen player  Meaghanne encountered in Japan, Meaghanne’s koto playing “Sakura Sakura”, Ben’s improving on guitar, and others! In coming up with this project, we discussed ideas like surrealism and combining Japanese traditional music and American rock aesthetics, as well as our individual styles of composition and playing. Our tracks are a cool way of hearing how two people who have very different styles use the same puzzle pieces to make something!


Meaghanne’s composition:



Ben’s composition: 

Miles Cumiskey & Nina Navazio

For our project Nina and I created a small Minecraft adventure map themed around a failing 1950’s-ish town. In addition to doing the building, the map contains puzzles and secret lore for players to uncover as they explore and discover the curse of Dunwich.