A place where we can express ourselves doing whatever kind of project we want– no grades, no assignments, and loose prompts.


Student-run and student-particpated, IMMovation is a home-grown gamejam we designed to best fit our community.


See all the projects below from every IMMovation event. 



“IMM Podcast”: John Kuiphoff, Warren Buckleitner, and Dr. Teresa Nakra

Jan 27, 2021

John Kuiphoff, Warren Buckleitner, and Dr. Teresa Nakra, the three IMM professors who will be leading the charge on the Spring 2021 thesis classes, started a weekly podcast. You can watch it here.

“3D TCNJ”: Miles Cumiskey, Amy Vargas, and Jonathan DellaGatta

Jan 27, 2021

Miles, Amy, and Jonathan made voxel models of different parts of TCNJ’s campus in a free program called MagicaVoxel. Jonathan recreated the front of the biology building, Miles rebuilt the Roscoe statue outside of the AIMM building, and Amy mocked up everyone’s favorite, Roscoe’s Farm near Townhouses North. Trust me, you’ve seen it.   Miles […]

“Constellations”: Meaghanne McBride, Dylan Jonas and Eli Gemeinhardt

Jan 27, 2021

Meaghanne, Dylan, and Eli made an animated music video for a song they wrote called “Constellations”. Eli digitally painted all of the backgrounds, Dylan animated all of the characters, and Meaghanne composed the entire song. Rock out to it here!…ok maybe not that cause it’s not a rock song but you’ll still enjoy it

“Basilisks for Babies” – Nina Navazio, Anthony Barreto, and Mahjustice Murphy

Jan 27, 2021

Nina, Anthony, and Mahjustice made Basilisks for Babies, an interactive web tool for first-time Dungeons & Dragons players and dungeon masters. It provides automated pre-made characters, events, locations, items, and more to help lay foundation for a one-shot or even a campaign. Hop into the world of B&B here!

“Bright Red Pendant”: Thendral Prabu, Benjamin Spizuco, and Vincent Terraneo

Jan 27, 2021

Thendral, Ben, and Vincent made a Twine game about an adventurer who chases pirates in an effort to reclaim a magical pendant. The game is playable here.

“Ice and Fire”: Dylan Jonas and Vincent Terraneo

Oct 05, 2020

Dylan and Vincent made a music visualizer called “Ice and Fire”. The first part of the song is mellower, like “ice”, and the second half is more intense, like “fire”. Vincent picked out the audio and edited the video, Dylan drew those sick dragons and I think more but honestly it’s midnight and I’m tired.

“Two’s Company, Three’s A Crowd”: Kyla Ramos, Amy Vargas, and Eli Gemeinhardt

Oct 05, 2020

After some behind-the-scenes shake-ups, IMMovation 2 found itself with a group of 3 in Kyla, Amy, and Eli. They immediately made the connection to the phrase “two’s company, three’s a crowd” and made it their central theme. They connected that phrase to the game Among Us, with the idea of two crewmates and one imposter. […]

“Means A Lot”: Ben Spizuco and Mistee Branchek

Oct 05, 2020

Ben and Mistee…uh…started a band. Mistee had recorded some instrumentals with a 2-string bass (their interpretation of the “2” theme) and Ben started to add more instrumentation and vocals to flesh them out more. Their band is Belted Kingfisher and this is their first song.

“Welsh Mythology Shield”: Miles Cumiskey and Rebecca Harris

Oct 05, 2020

Miles and Rebecca made a shield design based on figures from Welsh mythology. (editor’s note: I do not remember their names. Expect a correction from Miles when he sees this and gets frustrated with me.) Their interpretation of the “2” theme was in the difference of their art styles.

“Two Of Us”: Thendral Prabu and Ana Green

Oct 05, 2020

Thendral and Ana made a text game in Twine. Their interpretation of the “2” theme was clones, and when pondering who would utilize clones, they came up with clones, so it’s an interactive story about clones and aliens.   Game here: Two_of_Us1

“Two Voices In A Cave”: Meaghanne McBride and Haley Wright

Oct 05, 2020

Meaghanne Bride and Haley Wright made sound collages based on piano playing and two people narrating the poem “Two Voices In A Cave”. Meaghanne and Haley used many of the same clips but in different ways. They asked their friends to record the voiceovers from the poem. The two people reading the poem was their […]

The Reality of Romance

Jun 17, 2020

Faith Christian & Priyanka Pai We wrote a script about toxic relationships and friendships. “The Reality of Romance” is a story about harmful tropes that are viewed as romantic in the media, however, these main characters understand that these things are unacceptable and stand up for themselves against the toxic people they come across.   […]

2020 AP Exams – The Interactive Adventure!

Jun 17, 2020

Robin Friedman & JM Tameta For this project we started an interactive satirical story about the 2020 AP exams. Mostly it was JM, but if we continue the project, the pair plans to put it together in Twine since Robin has a semester of experience with it.

Gob, The Children’s Book Animation

Jun 17, 2020

Thendral Prabu & Ethan Pearl We worked on a children’s book-style animation with a goofy alien, Gob, who gets sidetracked chasing a ‘cookie’ across the galaxy. Some early character sketches:

Stay In Check – ACNH Designs

Jun 17, 2020

Eli Gemeinhardt & Nelly Sanchez We decided to create a pro designs on Animal Crossing. We both decided that the theme would be based off checkerboard patterns. Our designs vary but each have unique colors and patterns. We also uploaded them so that other’s could save the designs in case they wanted to wear them. […]

Animation Sequence

Jun 17, 2020

Dylan Jonas & Mahjustice Murphy   We animated a small chase sequence. There would have been two characters, a human character and a monster creature. Dylan worked on the monster design/animation and Jus worked on the human designs. We took several photos of around our house to find a color palette that was used for […]

Collage Musical Compositions

Jun 17, 2020

Meaghanne McBride & Ben Spizuco   We each made a collage-style sampling track using various recordings. We used audio from the movie “Emperor Tomato Ketchup,” a clip of a shamisen player  Meaghanne encountered in Japan, Meaghanne’s koto playing “Sakura Sakura”, Ben’s improving on guitar, and others! In coming up with this project, we discussed ideas […]

Animated Eevee

Jun 17, 2020

Mistee Branchek & Dustin Marino   We worked on a simulation where the Pok√©mon Eevee walks around. Dustin did the Eevee model and environment and Mistee did the music and made Eevee move.

The Curse of Dunwich

Jun 09, 2020

Miles Cumiskey & Nina Navazio For our project Nina and I created a small Minecraft adventure map themed around a failing 1950’s-ish town. In addition to doing the building, the map contains puzzles and secret lore for players to uncover as they explore and discover the curse of Dunwich.